Etsy – An Online Arts and Crafts Marketplace

3 Aug

Born in New Haven, CT, David Chorney is a successful entrepreneur in the securities and financial planning industry but also has a passion for art and photography. He has an online store on the popular e-commerce website Etsy, where he sells his paintings and photography prints. Mr. Chorney donates half the proceeds of his sales to various charities.

Founded in 2005, Etsy was originally conceived as an alternative to traditional e-commerce websites, which were typically inundated with overstock electronics and broken gadgets and did not serve as a viable marketplace for homemade or handcrafted products. Today, it serves as the Internet’s biggest marketplace for arts and crafts enthusiasts who either want to sell their own creations or to buy things they are looking for from others.

An important part of Etsy’s mission is to restore a sense of community to the culture of commerce by putting creators in touch with customers and fostering fulfilling relationships between them. It values craftsmanship, artistry, and imagination and provides people with opportunities to found and grow their own independent creative businesses. Members who want to share their creations and earn income from them at the same time can set up their own storefront on the website free of charge, list items they would like to sell, and open their shop to customers.


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