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3 Aug

Born in New Haven, CT, David Chorney is a successful entrepreneur in the securities and financial planning industry but also has a passion for art and photography. He has an online store on the popular e-commerce website Etsy, where he sells his paintings and photography prints. Mr. Chorney donates half the proceeds of his sales to various charities.

Founded in 2005, Etsy was originally conceived as an alternative to traditional e-commerce websites, which were typically inundated with overstock electronics and broken gadgets and did not serve as a viable marketplace for homemade or handcrafted products. Today, it serves as the Internet’s biggest marketplace for arts and crafts enthusiasts who either want to sell their own creations or to buy things they are looking for from others.

An important part of Etsy’s mission is to restore a sense of community to the culture of commerce by putting creators in touch with customers and fostering fulfilling relationships between them. It values craftsmanship, artistry, and imagination and provides people with opportunities to found and grow their own independent creative businesses. Members who want to share their creations and earn income from them at the same time can set up their own storefront on the website free of charge, list items they would like to sell, and open their shop to customers.


A Look at Tax Deferred Annuities

15 Jul

A resident of New Haven, CT, and an Accredited Asset Management Specialist, David Chorney acts as president and owner of Financial Concepts Unlimited, LLC. For clients in CT, and numerous states around the country, David Chorney advises on a variety of economic matters, including the efficient passing of ones’ estate, and retirement planning. Some of the vehicles David Chorney uses to accomplish these goals are REITS, mutual funds, and both fixed and variable annuities.

Provided by insurance companies, tax deferred fixed annuities refer to life insurance policies that earn interest, provide guaranteed income you cannot outlive, and lessen tax burdens. As the policy increases in value through the interest, holders can choose when to obtain the funds and do not need to pay taxes on the gains until they actually acquire the money. By letting the policy “sit,” annuity income that would otherwise be taxed continues to compound in interest thus increasing one’s overall yield. However, when people collect an annuity income or withdraw from the account, they will be taxed.

Another benefit to this process involves the amount of taxes one needs to pay. Annual taxes tend to be less through a tax-deferred annuity because it spreads out the holder’s liability over a period of years. Random withdrawals can also become advantageous because the person can decide when and how to retrieve that money while considering how it will affect that year’s taxes.

Best Hikes in New Haven, CT

28 May

David Chorney was born in New Haven, CT, and attended the University of New Haven. He continues to live and work in the area, where he manages his own financial services firm. In his free time, he enjoys exploring his town by biking, hiking, and camping.

New Haven is famous around the world as the home of the prestigious Ivy League school Yale University. However, there are many attractions for nonscholars, as well. Connecticut offers many beautiful hiking excursions. Here are some of the most popular hikes in the state:

1. Sleeping Giant State Park: Located in Hamden, this park offers two miles of mountaintop and a scenic trail leading to a stone observation tower atop Mount Carmel, affording a great view of Long Island Sound.

2. Racebrook Tract: Spread across nearly 400 acres in Orange and Woodbridge, the Racebrook Tract offers two intertwining and meandering trails that take hikers through lands featuring a variety of wildlife, as well as fences and buildings from the early 1900s.

3. Steep Rock Association: The association maintains more than 40 miles of trails through three preserves known as Hidden Valley, Steep Rock, and Macricostas. Hikers who walk all 40 miles can become members of the Steep Rock Association.

Upcoming Events at the Beth El-Keser Israel Synagogue

8 May

BEKI_Logo_Banner h100

Outside of his work with Financial Concepts Unlimited, LLC, asset manager David Chorney of New Haven, CT, gives back to his community in several ways. He contributes to the New Haven Downtown Soup Kitchen, Westville Alliance, and the Jewish Coalition for Literature. He also sits on the board of Beth El-Keser Israel (BEKI), his synagogue.

BEKI frequently brings in guest lecturers to serve as Dar-shanim or preachers. In April and May, the synagogue will welcome a speaker from the BEKI Religious School and a rabbi celebrating the 72nd anniversary of his bar mitzvah. Other upcoming events at the synagogue include ongoing efforts such as a Saturday Shabbat Shalom Torah study, a Rashi study group reading the Book of Shoftim, Hebrew classes, and a Wednesday study group for rabbis. Additional information can be found at

About David Chorney NEW HAVEN, CT

20 Mar

A native of New Haven, CT, David Chorney is the President and Owner of Financial Concepts Unlimited, LLC (FCU). A leading financial services organization offering a wide range of products, techniques, and expertise, FCU is dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals and objectives through values-based financial planning. Recognizing that each client is an individual with a specific set of values and aims, FCU communicates and works closely with clients from the outset to establish what is important to them before providing customized recommendations. Based in Hamden, Connecticut, David Chorney and FCU serve clients throughout the greater New Haven, CT area.

Chorney formally named and organized Financial Concepts Unlimited in 1995. Prior to establishing FCU, he worked for Polaris Financial Group, Creative Financial Planning, Inc., and MassMutual. He holds a bachelor’s degree in communications, a Series 7 securities license and is a licensed life insurance agent, as well. Mr. Chorney also holds the designation of Accredited Asset Management Specialist (AAMS) from the College For Financial Planning.

In addition to his work in the financial sphere, Chorney is a dedicated photographer and artist. Under the name BoToDo Art & Photography, he creates original oil and acrylic paintings; many types of drawings on paper; prints; and photographs. He also works with clothing art, making original, one-of-a-kind acrylic paintings on t-shirts. His work is available for sale through Etsy, the online handmade marketplace, under the name BoToDoDesigns, at

David Chorney NEW HAVEN, CT's website

David Chorney NEW HAVEN, CT’s website

A financial planning professional with 22 years of experience, David Chorney has cultivated a career that has taken him from his hometown of New Haven, Connecticut, down the East Coast, and back again. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from the University of New Haven, Chorney began working as a Production Assistant for a small video production company in New Jersey. He met his future wife, a New Haven resident, while working in video production. In 1985, he moved back t…
David Chorney New Haven, CT on NetVibes

David Chorney New Haven, CT on NetVibes

A resident of New Haven, CT, David Chorney is an avid amateur artist. He uses acrylics and oils to create abstract paintings that feature bold colors, fluid designs and shapes, and heavy textures.

David Chorney NEW HAVEN, CT | Vizify

David Chorney NEW HAVEN, CT | Vizify